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Your Reliable Oil, Gas  & Frozen Foods Supplier

Over the years, OIL, GAS  & FROZEN FOODS has become the main Supplier for RIO GROUPS LIMITED. Our company has grown to 30 employees, and we work hard day and night in order to guarantee safety and satisfaction in the products and services we provide, including but not limited to Emergency Deliveries, Quality Assurance Tests, and Customer Personalized Services.

Walking Under Gas Pipes


To be totally committed to  offering outstanding solutions with relentless focus on efficiency, punctual and growth mind set.

100% focused in ensuring our clients' success which in turn leads to our success


Our vision is to be highly successful trading already providing services to major leading national companies.  We  strive  to   provide  quality, customized  services  to  meet  our  client’s needs.

We aim to  provide consistent,  high quality, specialized   services   to   our   clients   while creating and bringing forward inspiration and innovation, products and services of supreme quality and value, improving the lives of our surrounding and its consumers.

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